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Dr Parul Singhal
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Dr Parul Singhal is Senior Gynecologist and Obstetrician with wide experience encompassing the whole spectrum of Obstertric and gynaecological diseases . She is available as Consultant at Cloud Nine Hospital ,Sector 51 and has her own practice at Sec 21, Noida.

KEEP CERVICAL AWAY CANCER ­­– prevention through vaccination and regular screening

. Cervical cancer is the second most common and fatal female cancer in India.

. Best part is Cervical cancer prevention is POSSIBLE.

. All women are at risk of cervical cancer, irrespective of socio-economic class.

What causes cervical cancer? Human papilloma virus or HPV is the main cause and female acquire this infection through sexual activity.

Recommended age – As early as 9 yr to 45 yrs.

Dosage schedule 1) Age Less than 15 yr – 2 doses (0, 6 months).

2) Age more than 15 yr – 3 doses (0, 1-2 month, 6 months)

3 Reasons to get yourself and your daughter vaccinated now

  1. HPV is a common virus and can be acquired by almost all women during their lifetime.
  2. HPV vaccine offers benefits even if you are already sexually active.
  1. As per WHO, vaccination can significantly reduce risk of cervical cancer.


  1. PAP TEST – Most reliable and effective screening method. To be done regularly beginning age of 21yr.
  2. HPV DNA TEST-Test done along with a pap smear after the age of 21 yr. 

    Warning signs/ symptoms

    1. Vaginal bleeding after sex, between periods or after menopause.
    2. Pelvic pain or pain during sex.
    3. Odourous discharge per vaginum



-Antenatal care and conducting normal deliveries, caserean section , High risk pregnancy care , Ectopic pregnancy management.
-Infertility treatment and counselling.
-Cosmetic gynaecology ( labioplasty , perineal tightening, vaginal rejuvenation /tightening , G spot rejuvenation , female hormone replacement therapy)
-Laproscopic surgeries


Obstetrics and Gynaecologist

Laproscopic Surgeon

Awards and Recognitions:

-Fetus in feto:A rare anamoly, JSTCSR


-5 months junior residency in ESI Hospital, Jhilmil, Delhi ( Jan 2006 to May 2006)
-4 months senior residency in Jag Pravesh Chand Hospital, Govt. of NCT of Delhi (March 2010  to June 2010)
-Consultant Obs and Gynae , Mother and child care Hospital, Lucknow (2011)
-Consultant Obs and Gynae , Aryan Hospital, Modinagar (2014)
-Consultant in Chikitsa NMC Hospital, Sector 30, Noida (Jan 2016 onwards)